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     This week's show features stories from NHK World Radio Japan, Radio Havana Cuba, and Spanish National Radio.
     From JAPAN- Japanese Prime Minister Abe visited Pearl harbor with US President Obama on the 75th anniversary year of the infamous attack- here is an Insight discussing the reconciliation between the nations, which included Obama's visit to Hiroshima in May- there is much speculation as to how the relationship will change under President Trump. China joined in the conversation saying that Japan should reflect deeper on its past history of invasion of many places in Asia including China. Despite strong local opposition, work has restarted to relocate a US military base in Okinawa. Japanese electronic firm Toshiba has posted a huge loss from its nuclear power operations in the US under its subsidiary company Westinghouse, partly from losses incurred at the nuclear reactors being built in Georgia and South Carolina. A private fund in Japan is providing financial assistance to young people diagnosed with thyroid cancer after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. Japanese government consultants are suggesting that high-level nuclear waste should be stored 5000 meters below the earth surface rather than the 300 meter burial as currently planned.
       From CUBAThis week RHC aired specials on their top stories of 2016. First a report on President Obama's historic visit to Cuba in March, the first US president to set foot in Cuba since 1928. In October at the UN members passed a resolution urging the US to end the crippling economic blockade against Cuba, though the sanctions remain in force today. At the age of 90, the revolutionary leader Fidel Castro died in November.
       From SPAIN-Alison Hughes reports that much discussion over immigrants is taking place in Europe following a Tunisian man who drove a truck into Christmas shoppers in Germany. Alison then reads from articles written by Patrick Cockburn and Robert Fisk on how the wars in Syria and Iraq continue to fuel these attacks, like the ones in Belgium and Paris. Fisk says that ISIL uses the attacks as a strategy to provoke attacks on muslims and encourage the far-right sentiments in Europe. Then reports on the wars in Syria, including the discovery of mass graves in rebel held areas of Aleppo, the rebels claim that they have not been defeated, and the transition of so-called moderate rebels into the ranks of Daesh.
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