Detention of refugee families draws protesters airports, White House, Trump Hotel

Jan 29 just before midnight:EFF reports CBP demanding social media information (presumably accounts & passwords) from Muslims returning to the US

Jan 29  white house #nobannowall Protest

Jan 29:Report of five year old detained, kept from mother at unknown airport in defiance of court-ordered stay on Trump's executive order. Mass protests continuing. Locally protests at BWI, White House, Trump Hotel.

Jan 28: Reports that at least one refugee family and maybe more had been detained at Dulles International Airport drew protesters to the airport. Va Governor Terry McAuliffe spoke at the protest, vowing to "look at all avenues" to help anyone detained there. Chants of "No hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here" were heard in the airport, in defiance of Trump's new ban on refugee entry. WTOP Radio reported that Muslim students returning to the US after winter break could be endangered by Trump's roundups.

On Jan 29, CBS reported "thousands" of protesters at BWI. Senator Sarbanes spoke at the rally, saying the refugee ban "Just Defies Common Sense." Meanwhile, MD Governor Hogan has still made no statements (as of 1/29)on what if anything he will do about the crisis, and no statements have been released about how many people if any have been detained at BWI while trying to enter the US. This is in sharp contrast to Va governor Terry McAuliffe's appearance at the Jan 28 protest at Dulles International Airport.

Elsewhere, Boston reported 20, 000 protesters in Battery Park and riot police appeared at LAX as protesters filled the facility. Taxi drivers are refusing to serve some airports, notably JFK in New York City. Uber is scabbing and trying to exploit the strike, effectively crossing picket lines. Activists are being asked to delete the Uber app and boycott Uber if they own smartphones due to this.

WTOP Radio reported an Iraqi family detained at Dulles on Jan 28 and released after a Congressman's intervention. Va governor McAuliffe reported a family with two children detained, unknown if this is the same family or not. Legal aid was requested for a Syrian family due to land at Dulles. If their plane was already in flight they were essentially trapped, barring the plane's captain turning back or diverting to a non-US airport in Canada or Mexico. Any of these measures could require more fuel than the aircraft had left in its tanks.

Detentions of refugees have been reported at Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, JFK, and Dulles, unknown if any other airports have had refugees detained yet. Other protests against these detentions have been reported at at JFK, LAX, SFO, Atlanta,and O'Hare.

Jan 29 BWI: Thousands (according to CBS) protest at BWI against migrant ban/detentions

Jan 29 Trump Hotel: Protesters fill entire area near Trump Hotel (video by Jessica Abrahams)

Jan 28 Dulles: Terry McAuliffe Speaks at Dulles Against Muslim Ban (youtube repost of ABC News video)

Protest at BWI Airport on Jan 29. This protest later overflowed this part of the terminal, occupying two levels and this whole end of the airport

Protest at Dulles Airport on Jan 28 (photo by Darcy Spencer

Protesters fill Lafayette Park on the second day of protests against Trump's refugee ban

Trump compared to Hitler at BWI Airport

BWI Airport NoBanNoWall protest grows to two levels of the airport

Protesters in DC fill Penn Ave from US Capitol all the way to Trump Hotel

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