Brookland Manor tenants protest at zoning hearing, with many supporters

On the 23rd of February, an unusually large crowd of supporters backed up Brookland Manor tenants at and before a zoning hearing. The hearing concerns a proposed redevelopment that would displace larger families and many low income tenants. On the grounds that an injury to one is an injury to all, many groups stood with the tenants. Supporting organizations ran the gamut from One DC to the IWW and many others.

After the rally outside, tenants and their supporters packed into the zoning hearing to let the city government know they were not leaving without a fight. One chant in the earlier rally was "Hell no-we won't go!"

One DC said on their facebook page: "At this hearing, the tenants and their legal team will be arguing for the inclusion of robust affordable housing, including the retention of large bedrooms, so that no resident is displaced from their existing community." As the proposal now stands, no larger apartments suitable for Brooklyn Manor's larger families would be included in the redevelopment, and the number of low income units would be reduced. In short, the landlord is seeking to yuppify the building. Linda Leeks told the landlord to "go back to Germany." Once again a colonizing, displacing predator has been told in no uncertain terms to get the hell off of Turtle Island.

Video Highlights from the rally outside/before the zoning hearing

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