Hundreds rally at the White House demanding resignation of Atty General Jeff Sessions

On the 2nd of march, hundreds gathered at the White House to demand that Trump's Atty General Jeff Sessions resign rather than merely recuse himself from the investigation of the Trump campaign's ties to Vladimar Putin and Russian intelligence agencies. There are many other issues with Session, notably his past as a Ku Klux Klan sympathiser and being passed over for positions in the past due to his racism.

The Russian scandal however is starting to acquire the stink of Watergate, and is consuming more and more time in Congress. Many hope that by the time this "RussiaGate" scandal stops growing it will either get Trump impeached or force him to resign. Yesterday Michael Flynn, today Jeff Sessions, tomorrow Donald Trump and whatever's left of the basket of deplorables he brought in as his cabinet.

Photo by Collin Rees

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