Muslim Ban 2.0 draws protesters to White House in spite of police interference

On the 6th of March, Trump signed "Muslim Ban 2.0" which is mostly the same as the first Muslim ban except for not exempting Middle Eastern Christians overtly and exempting Iraq due to threats to mirror-image the ban against US mercenaries. Protesters responded by gathering at the White House. In response, police closed Penn Ave and then about 2/3 of Lafayette Park, forcing protesters to march back. Later yet a journalist was detained and harassed by Secret Service, only to be released without charges.

Collin Rees reports a rabbi at the protest said "Jews must stand w/ Muslims, immigrants, & refugees – b/c we've seen this kind of hate before. #NoBanNoWall!" Indeed we have-the hatred and bigotry spewing from Donald Trump are entirely consistant with historical Fascist governmental behavior, as are the repeated attempts over the past two months to use detainments on false pretenses, unlawful arrests, and abuses of the legal process to suppress dissent. This is what Fascists do, and Trump is a Fascist. That has been obvious since the first beatings of peaceful protesters at Trump rallies in late 2015.

Video showing police closing the park and protesters sticking it to Trump's new Muslim Ban anyway

"Never Again" is NOW!

Marching to the rear of Lafayette Park after police close most of the park

Protesters as seen from a hill near the back of Lafayette Park, prior to moving back up to the still-present fenceline within the park

Probably a reference to impeachment over Russiagate, but could also refer to Trump's contempt for the courts as they shoot down his executive orders.

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