Antiwar activists protest smear campaign against former POW Bowe Bergdahl

On the 10th of June, members of multiple antiwar groups and a Muslim advocacy group showed up in front of the White House to welcome former POW Bowe Bergdahl's release, the release of 5 detainees from Gitmo, and condemn the vicious smear campaign the GOP has been mounting against Bowe. One speaker condemned using a POW for a "political football."

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The activists demanded that the rest of the GITMO detainees be released as well, and one suggested trading them for the 3 US civilians currently being held by the Taliban. Another reminded everyone that prisoner exchanges are a normal part of the ending of any war, and that the Afghanistan War is ending for the United States.

It is my own suspicion that the GOP is targetting Bowe because all that harping on "Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi" has run its course, mobilizing only the GOP base. Having exhausted themselves beating a dead horse, they are out for fresh blood.

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