"If I had a hammer"

-Ital Iman I’m reading some stuff on your page DUDE what did you do.are you in jail ?  -Anthony Ventura I got bailed out Today, walked over to an Ethiopian restaurant called Axum in downtown Indianapolis, ate a huge vegan sampler platter, and walked several miles home. (sends a story of incident) -Ital Iman OK I'm fixing to read it and run hard with itGet back with you after i read it.  -Anthony Ventura Yes I.The exclusive interview is all Yours, if You are interested  -Ital Iman Yea man I want it.Like I say I will run hard with it....  -Anthony Ventura Seen.  -Ital Iman OK I have the idea.just waiting on more resources will let you know when I'm ready, we will conduct it by phone hook-up   -Anthony Ventura Yep. If it matters, I go to trial this Wednesday the 23rd.  -Ital Iman  OK we will try and get it done  before then.I will start talking about it now.are you out on bondAre or you in jail  -Anthony Ventura I got bonded out this afternoon.  -Ital Iman OK good.how much was it  -Anthony Ventura $250 cash bond.  -Ital Iman OK.Why did you do it  -Anthony Ventura Defense of Self and My Neighbors. There is a large population of Burmese Refugees living on this side of Indianapolis. I wanted to make a big deal of the presence of a Confederate monument in Garfield Park, as it is the park in which I played while growing up.Reading that the protests against the removal of these monuments have drawn all sorts of white supremacist, I felt it needed to be done.I met "the new face of white supremacy" in the fall/winter of 2014 in Bloomington, IN. His name is Matthew Heimbach, and he currently lives in Paoli, Indiana.  -Ital Iman Why do you feel the need to help people of color where did this empathy come from OK i see.tell me little about him.   -Anthony Ventura He is a "pro white" "activist" who seems very polite while trying to "recruit", but I have learned from many former coworkers that he would say and do all sorts of incredibly racist things without any real consequence. The company just waited until the regular layoff season to get rid of him. It was shortly after that when Dylan Roof shot up that Church....and Heimbach showed up with other white nationalists to pray with the congregation at the memorial....when it was most definitely his rhetoric which radicalized Roof. I had two conversations with Heimbach which ignited I to study the guy and the whole "alt-right" movement since then.     -Ital Iman Tell me more.do you see your self as an infiltrator.I have just started to study you and you seem to have a connection with the pro white faction.   -Anthony Ventura  I honestly think that crowd assumes I support them because of my phenotype. I do look like all of the pagan gods they worship. If anything, I feel it is necessary to study the stuff so that I never fall for the mental traps they set. I have never made an attempt to join into that stuff, and I have made sure to study the life and times of John Brown.When I was a Boy Scout as a teenager,I actually hiked a short part of the Appalachian Trail which ended in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  -Ital Iman  You did the book phone challenge.yes it was also my wish to walk The trail.maybe Will get around to it.I have been to Maine.what made you want to do the phone book challenge.and what is your connection to people of color or indigenous persons,what attracts you to the culture  -Anthony Ventura  My Grandmother, on Her deathbed revealed Indigenous Ancestry on both sides of Her family. I have Italian ancestry which comes from Calabria, an area which was where many Moors/Sephardim fled after the awfulness of 1492. I have learned a lot about Ancestry since beginning learning Capoeira Angola with North star Capoeira Angola in 2007. I have met many community organizers through that. Through those connections I learned about the book phone challenge. There is a term in the whole teaching about "White privilege" called the "invisible knapsack". I have taken that quite literally. I have been able to study many of these things almost obsessively with very little friction.   -Ital Iman Seen. I was just thinking of that factYou know the theme of this interview is centered around kapernick.the football star.how it is contrive.compared to you a white man who defaced a monument kapernick not standing for the anthem  is nothing compared to your sacrifice do you agree.   -Anthony Ventura That would take some arm-twisting... From what I have read Kaepernick was adopted by an upper-middle class white family. I draw a lot of courage and strength from a deep sense of roots which have kept me from pursuing "success" in the mainstream sense. I have grown up hearing stories about a Grandfather Who knocked out Dick The Bruiser and his bodyguards for racist remarks in a bar. That same Grandfather was beaten by police for fighting. When MyGreatGrandFather (from Calabria) arrived to the jail and saw His Son's eyes swollen shut He asked what happened. When Grandpa said that the cops (I believe this is when the Ku Klux Klan was very much in control of every facet of Indiana government/policing) beat Him with a rubber hose, Great Grandpa grabbed the police chief, pulled out a knife and dragged the guy to the ground with the knife to his neck screaming that he was going to cut his fucking head off. I don't think that the comparison is fair for that type of reason. I doubt Kaepernick had heard such stories about militant bravery running through His bloodstream.(The monument in question was actually moved to Garfield Park due to influence by the Ku Klux Klan..)  -Ital Iman  Yes i do feel you and your mere actions cause me reason to quickly compare hype to reality which there truly is no comparison.i want people to see and notice the two.the foot ball player is not even a black man totally.and many as well as my self feel and know if he was a darker skinned being he would not be casted as a symbolic role model for championing the black civil rights cause.he did not put his life on the line.and his thought when he did not respect the anthem was not that he was doing it for the upliftment of the  black race.you on the other hand not a celebrity of sorts committed  an act that should be well noted...   -Anthony Ventura I have now received many death threats. I have deactivated my Facebook account. I am realizing that a Wise Elder was correct in saying "Excessive modesty is the highest form of arrogance."...Truthfully, the plight of Black People in America is regularly and maliciously shuffled under other agendas. Celebrity, economics, and appeasing to "law and order" will always serve the agenda of white domination/white supremacy. I have no problems with any groups, but any individual seeking to diminish the brutality waged against the dark-skinned (I don't even like this type of terminology. Speaking bluntly, I have seen it applied People, I could swear are obviously "mulatto") Black People are seeking to gain security through bowing to the white supremacist power structure.   -Ital Iman This conversation will be arranged into an article . Hopefully we can do a brief audio.i will have the technology for it by Wednesday your court date.do you think you will have to do any time.You are correct on the color issue.  -Anthony Ventura I think it is coming to that. I have read up on the charges and it can go anywhere from 180 days to 8 years. From a misdemeanor, up to a felony.I am also concerned about the safety of My Mother and other Family & Friends.   To be con....    

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