Deer Slaughter returns to Rock Creek Park Dec 4 and 6

Update Dec 6 8:50PM: They are back, this time all lit up. Heavy activity Oregon Ave and Beach Dr near Military Road. Protesters with cameras at Oregon & Military can deter the movement of dead deer to the "nature center" where they are processed.

On the 4th of December, the Park Service's "deer management" (killing) operation once again returned to Rock Creek Park. This time they were seeking to hide in the dark, rather than lighting themselves up like in previous years.

Not sure whether they have decided the lights interfered with shooting, or were scoping out places to shoot deer on a later night. It has been confirmed that the Rock Creek deer herd has sucessfully recovered from previous year's slaughter by producing more fawns, thus the shooters find there are as many deer as ever and their "lethal deer management" has failed.

Barricades blocking Beach Drive Dec 4 just north of the construction closure

Beach drive blocked for deer slaughter at second turnoff S of MD line Dec 4

One of the signs announcing the deer slaughter

Oregon Ave just N of military road. This is where previous NPS deer removal operations have been deterred driving trucks carrying dead deer past camera-wielding protesters on military road

A closed entrance to Beach Drive as seen from 16th at on Dec 6

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