Protest held against NPS deer slaughter in Rock Creek Park

Update: Shooters return to Rock Creek Park Mon, Dec 18 in defiance of protesters demands

On the 15th of December, protesters gathered at the intersection of Military Road and Oregon Ave to oppose the shooting of deer in Rock Creek Park by the National Park Service .

NPS has been having deer shot by USDA APHIS Wildlife Services (WS) since 2013, over the heated objections of many who live near the park and other area residents.

That first shooting in 2013 was halted after one of the shooters shined a laser beam (as though he were using a laser-sighted weapon) on one of the protesters. Another round of shooting was seriously disrupted on Jan 9, 2014 when the shooters found they were unable to disperse camera-wielding protesters waiting to shoot photos of open trucks carrying dead deer in the back. This year, the shooting took place on Dec 4 and Dec 6, possibly in a hurried effort to avoid mobilization of protesters who sometimes show up on just a few hours notice.It is unknown if they are finished for the year but they have not been seen back since Dec 6. Patrols of animal rights activists check the park roads for evidence of the shooters nearly every night during whatever weeks signs are posted for the shooting.

Montgomery County is sc heduled to start shooting deer in early January. On the Montgomery County side of Beach Drive, Park Police shoot the deer themselves. Posted shooting time windows in Montgomery County are Jan 8-12, Jan 22-26, Jan 29-Feb31, Feb 1-2, Feb 12-16, Feb 26-18, and March 1-2. Probably the same signs were printed to be posted in many parks, and again police will presumably attempt to dodge protesters in scheduling deer shooting near Beach Drive.


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