2017: The year in resistance to fascism and Donald Trump

Video: the year in resistance to Donald Trump and Fascism

Video compilation of protests and actions against Trump, the Trump agenda, fascism, and fascists throughout 2017. Intense J20 and Charlottesville coverage included. One year down, three to go, many battles left to fight-see you in the streets in 2018!

Highlights of video

JAN: It begins

0:49-1:27 Deploraball
1:27-2:57 DisruptJ20
3:11-3:19 Greenpeace "Resist" banner hang
3:26-3:37: The airport and Muslim Ban protests

FEB:Signs of hope in a very dark time

4:06-4:10 Not My President's Day march
4:10-4:19 Police, National Guard storm DAPL camps
4:19-4:29 DAPL protest at Citibank branch

MARCH: digging in for a tough fight

4:42-4:51 Confronting fash at fizzled "March4Trump"
4:51-4:57 Women's Strike against Trump
4:57-5:12 Indigenous Rising march against Trump, pipelines
5:31-5:51 "Never Newsham" protest against police chief confirmation

APRIL: the big marches

6:44-7:04 Richard Spencer's fake antiwar protest broken up
7:12-7:19 Tax March demands Trump release his tax returns
7:19-7:27 Science March
7:41-7:58 Peoples Climate March


7:59-8:17 Mayday reportbacks
8:38-8:57 YPG protests Erdogan, Turkish security assaults protesters

JUNE: no justice no Pride

9:27-10:07 No Justice No Pride, Equality March
10:15-10:22 Free Speech rally at MPD as fascists hold rallies elsewhere
10:23-10:32 GLBTQ March on Mitch McConnell's house vs Trumpcare

JULY: a gathering storm

10:46-10:56 KKK marches in Cville, riot cops attack counterprotesters
11:14-11:23 No Justice No Pride marches on MPD
11:31-11:43 Defend J20 Resistance week of solidarity actions

AUGUST: A fascist firestorm

12:12-13:29 Charlottesville: battle, torches, and terror
13:29-14:07 Monuments protested, toppled after Cville


14:07-14:24 Protests all over DC as Trump rescinds DACA
14:30-14:41 Protesting MPD, FOP on 9-11 for Terrence Sterling
14:49-15:00 MAGAt MOAR rally fizzles but hard fash show up
15:31-15:43 J20 solidarity fundraising bike ride DC to Pittsburgh
15:43-15:57 March for Racial Justice takes a knee at Trump Hotel

OCTOBER: the tides of war

16:04-16:24 More torches, more Nazis in Charlottesville
16:37- 17:16 Hard times for fash in TN, FL
17:16-17:24 Trump pinyata at Trump Hotel

NOVEMBER: we've been through a lot, more to come

17:30-17:44 Burn Night at Catharsis DC
17:55-17:59 NPI denied Reagan Building, kicked out of wedding barn
17:59-18:05 Protest at courthouse as first J20 trial starts

DECEMBER: Siege of the Hill and first fruits of victory

18:04-18:26 Nazis shut down before reaching Lafayette Pk
19:00-19:36 Wave of DC on Capitol Hill for DACA and against tax bill
19:37-19:49 First 6 J20 defendents acquitted of all charges

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