Associate of Jack Posobiec with history of racist and sexist Internet activity identified as finance manager in DC School system.

John Goldman is a finance manager working for the DC Public Schools who has a history of posting racist and pro-rape screeds under the name "Jack Murphy." He has been positively identified by a number of photographs, at least one showing him with known fascist and Deploraball organizer Jack Posobiec. That photo was taken at an "escape the room" event and clearly shows John Goldman AKA Jack Murphy with Jack Posobiec. As of this posting, John Goldman has reportedly been placed on "adminstrative leave" while the schools figure out what to do about the stench his Internet activity has raised.

John Goldman's association with Jack Posobiec is especially interesting. Posobiec was one of the Deploraball organizers, infamous for telling lies about such subjects as Pizzagate, and for his efforts to send anti-Fascist activists to prison after the Deploraball protests. Those efforts included following an anti-Fascist photojournalist around unrelated events, while loudly telling lies about "violating" probation that did not exist, whenever possible within earshot of police officers. Posobiec represents the "alt-light" along with Mike Cernovich, another notorious Deporaball figure. It was during the runup to the Deploraball that Posobiec, Cernovich et all broke with the goose-stepping, Hitler-saluting Richard Spencer wing of the alt-right. That very public split began when "Baked Alaska" could not restrain his anti-Semitic Internet postings for the benefit of making the Deploraball a publicity-friendly event.

Like Jack Posobiec's buddy Mike Cernovich, many of John Goldman postings under the name "Jack Murphy" veer towards the "Men's Rights Activist," manospere brand of fascism, including posts explicitly endorsing rape. One of these postings contains the quote "I’ve had sex slaves, little girls, and tied them all up. Feminists seek me out to fuck them like the patriarchy." This is a man who works in the DC Public Schools.

Despite his focus on the alt-light, misogynistic "softer side of Fascism," John Goldman has also written posts discussing an "ethnostate," presumably meaning a white-only state occupying as much of Turtle Island as can be seized. One post from "Jack Murphy" on this subject reads "the logistics or necessary course of events which would lead us towards an ethostate is what I really want to discuss. Without considering that and working backwards, it makes policy discussions today as ignorant or obfuscated as the ones around the 1965 immigration act."

The references to the 1965 immigration act are an example of the virulent anti-immigrant hate that has been spewing from the alt-right since Trump called all Mexicans "rapists" early in his campaign, giving rise to an explosive growth of fascist and even outright neo-Nazi activity across the US since that time.

Buried in which may or may not still be on the Internet when you read this is a demand for ending ALL immigration to the US, wrappered in a critique of even more virulent proposals by "VoxDay." Here it is: "In fact, VoxDay admits that historically the US would open immigration for 30 years, then shut it off for assimilation purposes. This time we may have overshot our 30 year period by 22. 1965 to 2017 is too long to keep the gates open. In that Vox and I agree." That is a demand to slam the gates in the faces of migrants at least temporarily, and in line with Trump's wall.

The stench of fascism, racism, and misogyny clearly emanates from these posts, just as surely as it does from John Goldman's association with Deploraball organizer Jack Posobiec. Efforts are underway to get him removed from the public schools, as advocates or cheerleaders for rape and fascism clearly go against the values any school system wants to promote to the community's children. Most importantly, efforts to inform the DC public schools about who is really managing their money (in a heavily immigrant school system) have provoked angry threats on the "JackMurphyLive" Twitter account against some of the folks who first broke the story. This all but proves John Goldman and Jack Murphy are the same man.

"Jack Murphy" AKA John Goldman calling for ending immigration

Another really ugly pro-rape screenshot, this one from

John Goldman AKA Jack Murphy was identified from this photograph. He is #6

Another shot of "Jack Murphy" AKA John Goldman, not a good role model for DC Public Schools

"Jack Murphy" AKA John Goldman writing on ethno-states in

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