Kurds and friends of YPG/YPJ protest at Turkish Embassy

Video from the Turkish Embassy and Ambassador's Residence actions

On the 24th of March, Kurds and allied supporters of the YPG/YPJ protested in front of the Turkish Embassy against the bombing and invasion of Afrin and Turkish threats to invade all of Kurdistan. After the rally, the column marched past the Turkish Ambassador's residence, scene of the May 16, 2018 assault by Erdogan's security goons.

This time around, no Turkish "security" goons dared to confront the Kurdish people and their allies in Sheridan Circle. There are still four active, unserved arrest warrants for four members of Erdogan's security detail from last year. All four of the targets of those warrants fled like frightened cockroaches back to Turkey to avoid prosecution, though two US citizens who participated in that assault were arrested and prosecuted. Several other assault cases have been dropped, but the four worst offenders still cannot return to the US without risking arrest at the airport for their crimes.

Erodgen himself is guilty of far worse. The bombing of Afrin left behind images looking like Kobane after the bombardment by ISIS-or Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. There are reports that Turkish troops have pillaged (looted) the city of Afrin after taking it by armed force from the Kurdish people. Turkey has publicly declared plans to follow through on the invasion of Afrin by conquering all Kurdish territory in both Syria and in Iraq, though there are considerable doubts as to their ability to win such a war. Daesh/ISIS thought they could conquer Kobane. Instead they got their heads handed to them (actually blown off by YPJ snipers) and from that point forward Daesh began losing and the YPG/YPJ were on a march that ended in the liberation of Raquaa, once the capitol of Daesh. That battle was the Stalingrad of the Middle East, even looked like Stalingrad with all the destruction wrought by ISIS. Like Stalingrad it led to the defeat of the aggressor. Now Turkey will risk the same if they continue their attacks on the Kurdish people!

FROM THE WAR FRONT 3-24:19 Turkish-supported gang members killed in Afrin as guerrilla warfare begins in a city the Turkish military thought they had conquered. In an earlier statement, Kurdish forces stated thgey had withdrawn the civilian population from Afrin in the face of relentless bombing but have NOT abandoned and will not abandon Afrin. From this point forward a guerrilla war will be fought to take Afrin back, and expel the Turkish soldiers who are reportedly looting and pillaging the city. Shades of George W Bush "mission accomplished" for Turkey?

Turkey is fighting for Daesh/ISIS by fighting the Kurdish people

The scene at the Turkish Embassy

YPG flag at Turkish Embassy of Terror

Marching to Dupont, here just short of the Ambassador's Residence and scene of last year's assault

Bag your face, Kemal Ataturk!

The column arrives at Dupont

Showing the flags at Dupont

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