Science March returns to DC

Video of marchers condemning Scott Pruitt and Trump

One of the big anti-Trump marches of 2017 was the Science March. On April 14, 2018 the Science March returned to DC. Although not technically and anti-Trump march, most of the marchers and many chants were militantly anti-Trump. Chants of "fire Scott Pruitt" and demands to save the EPA were heard over and over as marchers worked their way towards the US Capitol. A number of signs also protrayed dinosaurs as a warning about extinction, and climate change came up a lot.

This march was not even the only event the Science March organizers did on Apr 14 2018, yet it stretched for blocks. There were local events all over Turtle Island, and the march in DC followed a day of events and speakers that began early in the morning. Neither DC nor Trump was the intended focus, yet one of the year's big anti-Trump marches effectively resulted. Trump is well known for bad science and even overt statements about things like "alternative facts." Use of "alternative facts" when NASA was trying to bring the damaged Apollo 13 spacecraft back from a failed moon mission in 1970 would have been guaranteed to result in loss of the spacecraft and the astronauts. Use of "alternative facts" in setting public policy on such issues as pollution and climate change could prove even more dangerous.

Start of the march

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