Homeland Security fires on pro-Palestine protesters in LA

The war between Israel and Palestine has just come to the United States. In Los Angeles, pro-Palestine activists counterprotested a pro-Israel rally at UCLA and four of them were shot at by a Department of Homeland Security cop during a confrontation. Fortunately none of them were hit but they were later arrested and had to post $30,000 bail to get out.

Prior to the involvement of police, no firearms had been involved in the confrontation. As always, it is the occupying forces of a settler state who bring out the most lethal weapons.
The shooting stemmed from a cop's interference in a confrontation between pro-Palestine activists in one vehicle and pro-Israel protesters in another. Israel supporters ripped Palestinian flags from the poles they were being waved on, so the flagpoles were then considered "sticks." The cop claimed a tire iron was also waved, but police are notorious for telling lies to justify shooting incidents and their reports of such incidents are not to be trusted.


Someone posted this very low resolution Youtube video, you can hear someone yell "watch your head" but cannot see a tire iron or indeed any sticks being used as weapons. The video ends at a scream, presumably either as the gun is drawn or as it is fired. Again, it is fortunate that all the shots missed and hit only the truck's sheetmetal.

Anyway, if police are now shooting at pro-Palestine protesters, this takes things to a whole new level.

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