Day 127 of #KremlinAnnex protest lampoons Trump for refusing to listen to tape of Khashoggi's murder

Video Night 127: the "Bonesaw" musical performance 56 sec

Video Night 131: speaker condemns continuing US arms sales to Saudi Arabia 1 min 41 sec

Video Night 134: KremlinAnnex protest calls out Trump as a racist after Missisippi rallies for racist candidate 1 min 24 sec

Nov 19 was the 127th evening in a row of the #KremlinAnnex protests outside the White House demanding that Trump be impeached or removed as unfit for office. On Nov 19th the lighted sign behind the protest read "BONESAW" as protesters hammered Donald Trump for refusing to listen to tapes of Jemal Khashoggi's murder and refused to listen to evidence from his own CIA that the Saudi crown prince ordered the murder.

A second major controversy concerning Donald Trump also arose on Nov 19, as Trump stated that he would do absolutely NOTHING to prevent his (questionably-appointed) "acting Attorney General" Whittaker from firing Special Counsel Mueller or otherwise acting to foribly end the "Russiagate" investigation. The usual "Protect Mueller" musical numbers in the protest thus bore additional meaning on Nov 10.

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