Nancy Pelosi orders Trump to delay State of the Union address due to shutdown

ALERT for State of the Union protest organizers: on Jan 16, it was reported on twitter that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has ordered Donald Trump to delay his State of the Union address or submit it in writing unless the Federal government is reopened this week. The reason given is "security concerns" caused by the government shutdown.

Update Jan 23: Trump kneels to Pelosi, postpones State of the Union after House refuses to consider joint resolution to hold the SOU


Organizers of the planned protest against Trump's motocade originally scheduled for Jan 29th at 8PM will now need to handle three different cases:

1:Government is reopened or Trump finds a way to bypass Pelosi, speech is on Jan 29. In that case the proposed meetups at 3ed and Constitution and 3ed and Independence (covering both likely motorcade routes) should go on as planned.

2:State of the Union Address is postponed to a later date, the protest is also rescheduled for that date.

3:Trump is forced to cancel the State of the Union Address and submit it in writing. This case would have the benefit of denying Trump a major propaganda event that doubles as a Trump rally. In addition, speculation on Twitter is that he is an awful writer and a written State of the Union Address will be so poorly done as to weaken him politically. In this case, a "victory rally" could be held in front of the Capitol or the White House on Jan 29 to celebrate a political defeat of Donald Trump, or the event cancelled entirely.

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