Thousands march on CBP, White House demanding end to deportations

On the 2nd of August, thousands of migrants and their supporters gathered on the Mall before marching first on Customs and Border Patrol's headquarters, then on Obama's White House. They were demanding nothing less than "deferred action" by executive order in every last deportation case. Security guards at CBP freaked out when protesters marched onto the plaza of the Ronald Reagan building, aggressively ordering people back. Protest marshalls called people back, no doubt fearing that any arrests stemming from a confrontation would seriously endanger undocumented participants.

The march arrived at the White House just as the Gaza march was setting out, and in a display of cooperation and solidarity organizers of the Gaza march held up the march long enough to allow the migrant march to pass them and get to the side street leading into Lafayette Park. Supporters and signs from each march were evident inside the other. Perhaps this is because the US and Israel are both settler states on land stolen from its rightful owners?

Video of confrontation at Customs and Border Patrol HQ

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