Kremlin Annex/impeachment protest draws crowd evening after redacted Mueller report released

Video: Lots of "tourists" at Kremlin Annex protest 1 min 9 sec

On the 18th of April, the long-awaited Mueller report on the Trump/Russia affair was released in a redacted form. Again, as in the summary the report claims no collusion between Trump and Russian agents seeking to interfere in the 2016 election. Protesters at the White House disputed this report, claiming Attorney General Bob Barr cooked the report to ensure this conclusion and should be impeached alongside Trump.

Update Apr 19: The Washington Post's analysis of the Mueller report is interesting: They called it a " damning portrait of Trump's presidency" and said that Mueller considered "collusion" to be a term lacking legal meaning. In other words, the report did NOT find "No collusion" but rather declined to judge the matter on grounds that it may not be illegal. The report did find "offers from Russia not reported or forcefully rejected" and found multiple incidents that could rise to the level of obstruction of justice. Rather than calling Trump guilty, the report punted that question off to Congress. The gauntlet has been thrown down, Congress has been asked to rule on whether Trump obstructed justice. The main barrier to impeachment is now Nancy Pelosi, who famously said impeachment of Bush in 2007 was "off the table." Now she effectively says the same of Trump.

The "Kremlin Annex" protests have now been going on long enough for a baby to be born (9 months) and are closely connected to the "indivisible" organization. Some say Indivisible seeks to be the "Democrat's Tea Party" but much of the testimony and speeches from them at the Women's Marches or at the Kremlin Annex are nowhere near as far to the Left as the Tea Party is to the Right. That would require cutting ties to corporate Democrats like Hillery Clinton and forging strong ties to organizations such as Black Lives Matter and to anti-Fascist activists.

The GOP has always invited the extreme right into their organization, but the Democrats never invite hard anti-Fascist, anti-imperialist, antiwar, and anti-racist groups into their "big tent" except when seeking to execute a hostile takeover of these groups. This potentially could cause the Democrats to forfeit another election to Trump with another corporate candidate and another Superdelegate fixed primary season. The whole heart of Russian interference in 2016 was based on calling out Hillery Clinton for this rather than direct hacking of electronic voting machines.

While Trump has been in office however, the left wing (Sanders etc wing) of the Democrats and even some of Hillery's supporters have engaged in street activism (e.g. Women's March, Kremlin Annex) to an extent that was not seen during the Bush or Reagan years. There was some of this in the Bush years with groups like "Win Without War" or some factions within United For Peace and Justice but nowhere near to the extent seen today.

Trump has indeed been a uniter, just not the kind he claims to be. He has forced everyone who opposes white nationalism and hate into the streets in opposition to his rule.

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