Embassy Protectors speak 100 feet from Venezualan Embassy, march to White House

Video: Two arrested Embassy Protectors speak before march on the White House 3 min 59 sec

On the 18th of May, two of the Embassy Protectors who were unlawfully dragged out of the Embassy of Venezuala on May 16 were back. Staying the court-ordered 100 feet away, they spoke as a march from the embassy to the White House halted there to hear them.

One of the Embassy Protectors arrested on May 16th used the example of the US backed coup in Honduras as an example and warning of what US intervention in Venezuala could cause. The long civil war in El Salvador with spillover to Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatamala is another example of the nightmare results of US Intervention in Latin America.

Three coup attempts, two police raids on the embassy, and it is not even certain if Juan Guaido and false ambassador Vecchio have even gotten one building much less Venezuala. False Ambassador Vecchio's press conference after the raid took place outside the building, and it is unknown if police have let Juan Guaido's self-declared "government" of Venezuala enter the embassy or are simply keeping it closed.

DC Media Group report:-these protests over both intervention in Venezuala and threat of war with Iran to continue and escalate:


A march sets out for the White House from the Embassy of Venezuala

"John Bolton" with his puppet "Carlos Vecchio"

Puppetmaster and puppet at the White House

This photographer photographed several activists sitting in the shade around the 100 foot mark, then went over to talk to police.

Marchers arrive at the White House

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