Hundreds march in Columbia Heights 1 week after "delayed" ICE raid

Video: marchers in the streets, Councilmember Brianne Nadeau calls for reporting DC govt collaboration w ICE to herself 2 min 3 sec

Not all of Trump's racial purity roundups originally scheduled for June 22-23 were delayed. ICE is known to have taken two parents into custody in DC on Saturday, June 22. Unknown how many others exercised their right to not open their doors without a warrant signed by a judge. At the same time the following Saturday (June 29), hundreds marched from Columbia Heights to Adams-Morgan demanding ICE out of DC and zero cooperation with ICE from MPD and the DC government.

In addition to the two known arrests on June 22, there were multiple reports of ICE thugs entering local businesses and attempting to interrogate people. This has spread fear and alarm through the community, though of course it has also tipped Trump's hand. Protesters were furious about the harassment, and even DC City Councilmember Brianne Nadeau spoke at the rally. She pointed out that DC has laws prohibiting any member of the DC government (which includes all MPD officers) from cooperating with ICE or reporting anyone to ICE. She asked anyone aware of violations of this law to report it to her.

While DC's police chief NewSham claims that collaboration with ICE is a "firable offense" no member of MPD was fired for helping ICE carry out their Summer 2018 raids that terrorized the community last year. Under the law, ICE should have no access to any MPD assets during their raids and should have to operate entirely by themselves no matter what happens. Obviously some in MPD are defying this law, and Mayor Bowser responds with a wink and a not. She is no sanctuary city Mayor.

The scene at Columbia Heights Civil Plaza as the rally got underway

The march heads east, with the ICE out of DC banner in the lead

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