Protesters march on Brazilian Consulate for Indigenous land, against Bolsonaro's fires

HD Video-mock flames and matchbooks lead the march 2 min 29 seconds

On the 5th of September, protesters gathered at the White House, then marched on the Consulate of Brazil. The march carried mock matchbooks depicting Trump, Bolsonaro, and major agrobusinesses, condemning their role in the ongoing arson of the Amazon rainforest.

Bolsonaro's campaign to "open up" the Amazon for development essentially means burning it down. Trump is all for that and no doubt approves as well of dehousing or killing Indigenous people in the process. Once the forest is burned, Joe Biden's buddies at BlackRock make money on cattle fattened where the forest once existed. BlackRock is a major financier of meatpacker JBS, which routinely buys cattle raised on deforested Amazon land. Thus Blackrock was thus called out as one of the worst offenders in financing the arson of the Amazon.

Cargill was called out too, for their soybean plantations that go in where fire takes the Amazon out. All that soy travels down Highway BR-163 to the port of Santarem, where it is loaded by Cargill onto ships hauling it all over the world. While Cargill is supposed to be observing a "soy moratorium" on soy from newly burned land, the soy moratorium allows farmers to burn the forest, plant something else, and starting with the next crop switch to soy and sell it to Cargill. Bolsonaro's role is essentially to greenlight massive increases in "clearing" the forest, which is done by cutting the trees and burning them once they dry out a bit. This year, the fires have spread out of control.

On top of all else, there was even a "day of fire" this year, on which pro-Bolsonaro fires wanted to set a new record for forest fires in the Amazon. Once 25% of the forest is gone (about 18% is gone now), scientists believe the rest will die off, leaving behind savanna if the farmers are lucky and desert if they are not.

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