Kurdish protests continue as Turkey opens fire with bombing from the air

Video- 2nd day of Kurdish protests at White House against Turkey's war and Trump's greenlight 48 sec

On the 9th of October, the criminal, theocratic regime of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Turkey began bombing Kurdish areas in Northern Syria. These first attacks killed a reported five civilians and three of the warriors defending Kurdistan. As Turkish bombers flew, Kurdish protesters and their anti-fascist allies gathered at the White House, protesting Trump's greenlight for Turkey's war of aggression.

One of the demands of the protest was that the US impose a no-fly zone over norther Syria to stop the air raids. In a no-fly zone, radar sets and fighter jets patrol the area, and hostile aircraft are escorted out or shot down if they refuse to comply. While it may seem odd for the US left to support this demand, Turkey is bombing Syria with US-made aircraft and probably US-supplied ammunition. Thus, the US is obligated to protect the Kurdish people from its own weapons, foolishly provided to Turkey. Turkey is still getting US military support even after years of theocratic rule by Erdogen, constitutional changes to entrench him in power, and even the May 2017 assault of protesters in DC streets by Erdogen's own bodyguards.

In a matter of months a cut-off of spare parts for Turkey's F-16s and other "modern Stukas" would ground the planes as the parts ran out. Some are highly specialized and can be obtained nowhere else. Those planes however could still kill a lot of people before the parts ran out. Therefore, until the supply of flyable aircraft is exhausted or the Turkish air force is destroyed in the war, the US is in fact obligated to keep its weapons from being used against the Kurds. This requires the no-fly zone to stop the bombing.

Trump's fake anti-intervention position (withdraw the US troops from Syria but change nothing else) is anything but. Since US aid to Turkey continues while Kurdistan is cut off, Trump is in fact siding with Turkey in the war, arming the aggressor with US weapons unless steps are taken to deny use of the weapons which Turkey already has received. This is doubly offensive considering it was the YPG, YPJ, and SDF that defeated Daesh (ISIS) and that the Turkish War could bring about a rebirth of Daesh by freeing 11,000 of their troops and about 60,000 of their relatives. Currently they are in camps guarded by Kurdish fighters, but the war in the north will leave nobody to guard them, and also nobody to keep them from reclaiming their old territories. One of the signs carried in the protest was by an Iraq War veteran condemning the US decison to abandon their former allies against the so-called "Islamic" state.

Penn Ave is seeminly ALWAYS closed now when there is a protest. This scene shows what Trump really thinks of the Kurdish people who fought and died to defeat ISIS

An Iraq War veteran condemns Trump's decision to abandon the US's former ally against ISIS(originally Al Qaeda in Iraq) to invasion

The rally while the sun was still up

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