Remove Trump hits GOP impeachment strategy retreat at Trump Hotel with loud noise demo

Video-protesters blow whistles, make GOP members run the gauntlet 2 min 58 sec

On the 7th of November, the GOP held a strategy retreat at Trump Hotel to discuss their response to the impeachment proceedings against Trump. Outside, protesters banged drums and blew horns and whistles. GOP members often had to run a gauntlet of protesters to get inside.

The gauntlet and yellow raincoats of the police were somewhat reminescent of the Deploraball minus the projectiles that marked that notorious alt-right event. The whistles, horns, and drums sounded a lot like the Feb 28, 2017 noise protest against Trump's unofficial State of the Union protest barely over a month later. At one point, protesters mic-checked the section of the US Constitution authorizing impeachment of rogue presidents and other officials. The whistles themselves evoke the whistleblower who started the impeachment proceedings and now is under threat if Trump is succesful in his ugly attempt to dox them in the media.

The impeachment issue is really heating up. Enough pressure on the few remaining "moderate" GOP Senators, and Trump might not even make it to the Nov 3, 2020 election before being thrown out of office. Passage of Articles of Impeachment in the house is all but in the bag, so everything will come down to convincing 20 GOP Senators that their own jobs are more important that Donald Trump's career in office. It will be up to them to determine whether or not to go down with the ship.

The scene in front of Trump Hotel as the GOP tried to hold a strategy session on the impeachment proceedings

Cops wore the same yellow raincoats they had on at the Deploraball. This along with GOP members having to run a gauntlet of shouting protesters created an eerie though partial similarity.

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