Code Pink protests Kennedy Center exhibit of GW Bush paintings glorifying Iraq war

Video: what's wrong with this exhibit, and security guards trying to prevent the banners from being shown 3 min 29 sec

On Veteran's Day (Nov 11), Code Pink protested at the Kennedy Center against an exhibit "artwashing" the Iraq War. The Boeing-sponsored exhibit is of GW Bush's own paintings of the very veterans whom he sent to war and who came back wounded. Bush sent them to fight for lies about nonexistant WMD and nonexistant Saddam-al Quaeda ties.

Several Code Pink members got inside to examine the supposed "art" produced by Georte W Bush's painting efforts. They reported the depicted disabled veterans looked "pained." A bag search checkpoint protected the paintings from being seen by the "wrong" people, much less being "edited" with a little extra paint.

Kennedy Center security accepted the speeches but desperately tried without success to prevent the banners from being displayed to cameras in front of the Kennedy Center. Probably they don't want to be publicly shamed for helping GW Bush glorify his own war crimes in Iraq. When the banners came out, they tried ordering them rolled up. When that didn't work, they used threats and bluster to move protesters first from the sidewalk to the street, then the street to the opposite sidewalk, and finally out of the area. Their threats may well have been bluffs, as at other protests on sidewalks even police have backed down when similar demands have been defied. At any rate, the security guard interference failed, as quick-acting photographers got the shots the guards so desperately sought to prevent.

A challenge to GW Bush's new "career" as an "artist"

Security guards desperately tried to prevent photos such as this one from being taken by threatening the banner holders

Bag search checkpoint outside GW Bush's "art" exhibit at the Kennedy Center's "Reach" secondary building

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