Kurds protest at White House against betrayal by Trump after defeat of ISIS

Video: Protesting Trump's utter betrayal of the Kurdish people 4 min 54 sec

On the 14th of December, DC area Kurds, anti-Fascists, and othter supporters of the Syrian Democratic Forces protested in front of the White House. The protest demanded that Turkey pull their troops out of Northern Syria and stop their bombing. In addition protesters condemned Donald Trump for greenlighting the invasion.

It was the YPG and YPJ who defeated Daesh/ISIS after 2014 attempts by the theocratic terrorists to occupy Kurdish territory and kill anyone and everyone who stood in the path of their alleged caliphate. In the end, the US and seemingly everyone else was forced to ally themselves with the YPG and YPJ to deal with a global terrorist threat. During this war, YPG/YPJ forces took 11,000 dead, while US forces lost only six soldiers. Now, with the "caliphate" smashed and ISIS in (still-dangerous) ruins, Trump has betrayed the Kurds. In October he gave Turkish theocrat Erdogan a green light to invade northern Syria. Protesters warned that nobody would ever trust the US as a wartime ally again if Trump does not revoke this green light and force and end to Turkey's invasion. The threat (and if necessary, the reality) of an arms embargo against Turkey would be quite enough, as a spare parts cutoff would quickly ground their air force. That in turn would end the bombing by force and allow the Syrian Democratic Forces to effectively resist Erdogan,s invasion on the ground.

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