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Dear Radio Friend,     This week's show features stories from Spanish National Radio, Radio Deutsche-Welle, and Radio Havana Cuba        From SPAIN- Alison Hughes begins with a report on the UK Parliamentary elections, which overwhelmingly supported the conservative Tory party and Boris Johnson. Johnson says that Brexit, the UK withdrawal from the EU, will happen on January 31. Scottish leaders want to withdraw from the UK and become independent. The UN climate summit, COP 25, ended in disappointment with the most polluting governments not willing to take necessary action to curb climate change. Scientists pointed out the perils of the situation and demonstrators tied environmental issues with social issues and an economic system based on continual growth and consumption.        From GERMANY- Australia set new high temperature records for the past two days, while wildfires raged, burning more than 3 million hectares of land. A court in Belgium postponed a decision to extradite former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont to Spain. The Turkish president threatened to close US military bases in response to the US acknowledging the Armenian genocide.  Both houses of the US Congress have backed sanctions against companies building the nearly completed Nord Stream II gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea- European nations want the gas from Russia. Nationwide strikes have continued in France for two weeks over President Macron's plan to change the national pension plan. The new Attorney General of Bolivia has issued an arrest warrant for democratically elected President Evo Morales living in exile in Argentina.        From CUBA- Evo Morales gave a press conference from Argentina, analyzing the causes of the coup. Venezuelan leaders revealed details of a failed terrorist plot led by Leopoldo Lopez and Juan Guiado. The new UK government is planning to pass a law making it illegal for any public bodies to engage with the pro-Palestine Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement. The UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly voted to extend support for Palestinian refugees for another 3 years.             The latest Shortwave Report (December 20) is up at the website  in 3 forms- (new) HIGHEST QUALITY (160kb)(33MB), broadcast quality (13MB), and quickdownload or streaming form (6MB) (28:59) Links at page bottom   (If you have access to Audioport there is a highest quality version posted up there {33MB} PODCAST!!!- feed://  (160kb Highest Quality) ARTICLE about the Shortwave Report in the Boulder Weekly by Gavin Dahl- links for this week's edition- <  > (33 MB) HIGHEST QUALITY<   > (13 MB) Broadcast Quality<  > (6 MB) Slow Modem streamingWebsite Page- < >       ¡FurthuR!      Dan Roberts "A revolution only lasts fifteen years, a period which coincides with the effectiveness of a generation."--Jose Ortega y Gasset  Dan RobertsShortwave Report- www.outfarpress.comYouthSpeaksOut!

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