Hundreds march on Trump Hotel against potential US-Iran war

Video: the march at Trump Hotel 7 min and 1 sec cut from longer Anya Parampil livestream

On the 4th of January, hundreds gathered in Lafayette Square to oppose Trump's reckless aggression and brewing war with Iran. At the conclusion of ANSWER's rally at the White House protesters marched on Trump Hotel. This was just one of dozens of simultanious antiwar protests across the US.

The following day, WTOP Radio reported that the government of Iraq has ordered all US troops to leave Iraq. What had actually happened was that Iraq's parliament had voted to expel US troops, though this has not yet been signed into law by Iraq's prime minister. This was is in response to evidence that Iranian general Soleimani may have been lured to Iraq by the US specifically so he could be assassinated by Trump's drone strike. The response from Trump has been to threaten sanctions against Iraq if they dare to require US troops to leave.

Still from Anya Parampil video

Photo by Brett Aronow

Creative Commons Licence