Rally at Capitol supports vote under War Powers Act to deny Trump Iran war authority

Video:the basics followed by in-depth speeches by an antiwar veteran and an Iraqi-American 5 min 28 sec

On the 9th of January, antiwar members of Congress and a number of antiwar activists spoke before a substantial rally in front of the US Capitol. They were there to pump up support for a War Powers Act resolution to require Trump to seek authorization from Congress prior to any further military action against Iran. The resolution pass the House 224-194 on mostly party lines shortly after the rally.

The Senate takes up the resolution probably in the week beginning Jan 13, though the GOP may be able to block passage there to support their "Glorious Leader" Donald Trump.

The War Powers Act resolution to deny Trump war authority in regards to Iran unfortunately is considered nonbinding under Supreme Court precedents presumably more recent than the post-Vietnam passage of the War Powers Act. On the other hand, as a nonbinding resolution it does not require Trump's signature, thus denying him an othewise-certain veto.

If Trump starts an all-out war with Iran, he will be committing the United States to a major conflict at least as long and at least as troop numbers intensive as the Vietnam War. If the War Powers Ac resolution passes the Senate and Trump starts a war anyway, he will be entering this major war over the express opposition of the US Congress and should expect problems with things like getting funding for it.

Supporting a War Powers Act resolution against Trump's expected Iran War

Anti-torture protesters in town for the Jan 11 anniversary of the opening of Gitmo marched into the rally

The rally continued after dark

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