Chelsea Manning released as 2nd grand jury disbands

Chelsea Manning has just been released from jail after defeating the second grand jury to attempt to question her. Any attempt to subpeona her to a 3ed grand jury will now run afound of coronavirus restrictions on court activities. Chelsea has won, and grand jury prosecutors have lost.

The judge left in place the fines totalling $256,000 for her refusal to testify. It is unclear what happens if these fines are NOT paid, but a Gofundme account has been set up to offload the cost of fines or risk or refusing to pay them from Chelsea Manning, who has already been through more than enough on behalf of us all.

Oddly, this release cooincides with a suicide attempt and a Federal judge had to order her release, raising questions about whether the Feds intended to keep her locked up unlawfully after the grand jury expired. Still, this victory over the grand jury makes Chelsea Manning the second person in a row in the DC area to successfully resist and defy a grand jury witch-hunt.

The official court order:

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