NYC Day 2: Massive civil disobediance shuts down Broadway, surrounds Wall St bull

Video-2 min overview of both the People's Climate March and Flood Wall St

GlobalRevolution Youtube Video of arrestees being loaded onto police busses

Youtube video: protesters charge into NYPD lines to unarrest comrade

Youtube video: Protesters surround Wall St Bull

9-22 7:50PM:Last few protesters being arrested, John Zangas predicts at least 150 arrests

9-22 7:20PM:Protesters being arrested at Broadway@WallSt-long after Wall St's working day has come and gone under siege by Flood Wall St

9-22 6:50PM:"AnarchoAnon" reports NYPD pepper sprayed protesters dressed as polar bear 2 hours ago, John Zangas reports polar bear arrested 5 minutes ago, situation unclear

9-22 6:50PM:Police move in on broadway, deploy orange net "freedom fence" like during Occupy or RNC, arrests believed imminent. "Final warning" given.Unclear from Twitter feed if escape routes exist

9-22 6:30PM:Tent goes up, soccer game starts as situation relaxes with protesters still holding strong

9-22 6PM:Marketplace reported "something put a damper on trading today" after Dow dropped 107 points

9-22 5:30PM:Sit-in still going, now in its 7th hour

9-22 5:00PM:Protesters call NYPD's LRAD/riot squad bluff, sit in on Wall St, rush hour standoff results

9-22 4:28PM:Riot cops, LRAD on scene as desperate cops set up for arrests, throw punches-Jeff Rae

9-22 4:15PM:Cops lined up with flex cuffs to make arrests

9-22 4PM:John Zangas reports "scuffles" between protesters and NYPD as protest becomes "contentious" with protesters marching on Wall St itself for closing bell. Wall st is shut down!

9-22 3:45PM:Flood Wall st protesters moving out from Broadway onto Wall St itself for continuing civil disobediance, arrests expected

9-22 2:30PM:Rising Tide NA puts out call for reinforcements: 3,000 shutting down Wall St, 3,000 more needed.

9-22 2:30PM:So far weak response from NYPD.

9-22 2:30PM:Desperate cops set triple barricades to defend Wall St Bull.

9-22 2PM:Protesters tear down some of the barricades

9-22 1:50PMPM:Broadway impassable by cars in much of downtown

9-22 1PM:1,000+ protesters in sit-in blocking Broadway, famous "Wall St Bull" surrounded by protesters, at least 3,000 estimated on the scene

9-22 1PM:NYPD pops the giant silver "carbon bubble" by slamming it onto the horns of the Wall St Bull

9-22 11AM:Flood Wall St march diverts from route agreed to with police, floods into Bowling Green

9-22-12:45AM:No reports of arrests at Battery park at this time

9-22-Midnight:NYPD warns protesters occupying Battery Park to leave

Flooding Wall st up to the windows at 1PM:John Zangas photo

Massive sit-in on Broadway: John Zangas photo

Wall St Bull about to pop the "carbon bomb" on its horns: John Zangas photo

James from the Internet reports "Wall Street is drowning as the NYPD protects their golden calf"

Some barricades pulled down by 2PM: Photo byn James from the Internet

Protesters trample barricades just after 3PM: John Zangas photo

Getting physical with the cops at about 4PM:John Zangas photo

Cops defending barricades as Wall St itself is shut down by protesters: Jenna Pope photo

Cops in arrest formation:Organizer X photo

Protesters sit down on Wall St, calling riot squad's bluff: John Zangas photo

"NYSE closing bell occupied" photo by James from the Internet

Tent goes up as situation relaxes with protesters still holding strong: John Zanga photo

NYPD rolls out the orange "freedom fence" for possible mass arrests GOP Convention/2004 style

Protesters being arrested:John Zangas photo

At least one cop hit with own pepper spray during Flood Wall St

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