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Dear Radio Friend,     This week's show features stories from Spanish National Radio, Radio Deutsche-Welle, and NHK World Japan.   (If you have access to Audioport there is a highest quality version posted up there {33MB}        From SPAIN-  Alison Hughes begins with a significant increase in Covid cases in Spain. US officials, including Jared Kushner, flew with Israelis into the UAE to finalize a treaty between the countries. Israel is still bombing in Syria, launching the attacks from the occupied Golan Heights and killing 11. Despite Covid, the global arms industry is flourishing, with Greece looking for new weapons and fighter jets as they exchange threats with Turkey over energy resources in the eastern Mediterranean.        From GERMANY- Brief reports on a new political party in Belarus, schools reopening in Europe, and the trial begins in France for 14 accused of aiding in the 2015 attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The Amazon in Brazil is experiencing another devastating year of fires- many of them are set to help police drive out the landless farmers who have been farming on unused land for decades. The government of Lebanon resigned in the wake of the explosion that destroyed much in Beirut, and a new Prime Minister was appointed- promising sweeping reforms. Anti-government protestors continue battling with police outside the gates of Parliament, as the French President Macron visited to press for reforms. Last weekend saw a huge demonstration in Berlin, originally billed as a protest against the way German government was handling the Covid crisis- a large number of neo-nazis in the group tried to storm the Reichstag ( the Parliament building), bringing up memories of the 1933 burning of the Reichstag and massive political anger.        From JAPAN- In response to rising tensions with the US, China is sending top officials around the world to shore up international support. China has new rules on technology which make the forced sale of TikTok illegal. China is also rejecting US claims of doubling its nuclear stockpile, and urged the US to give up its cold war mentality. 6 of the 7 countries that signed the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran have rejected the US bid to reimpose UN sanctions.             The latest Shortwave Report (September 4) is up at the website  in 3 forms- (new) HIGHEST QUALITY (160kb)(33MB), broadcast quality (13MB), and quickdownload or streaming form (6MB) (28:59) Links at page bottom   (If you have access to Audioport there is a highest quality version posted up there {33MB} PODCAST!!!- feed://  (160kb Highest Quality)  BRAND NEW PODCAST (May 2020) about the history of The Shortwave Report on Humboldt Lighthouse with Nathan Hankes-   (Interview follows 30 minute Shortwave Report) Website Page- < >       ¡FurthuR!      Dan Roberts "Counterpart to the knee-jerk liberal is the new knee-pad conservative, always groveling before the rich and powerful."-- Edward Abbey Dan RobertsShortwave Report- www.outfarpress.comYouthSpeaksOut!

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