Video: Trump rally disrupted, venue fined for virus rules in Henderson, NV

Video-BLM disrupt's Trump's Henderson, NV rally 1 min 9 sec

On the 13th of September, Donald Trump held an indoor/unmasked campaign rally in Henderson, Nevada. Black Lives Matter protesters infiltrated the event and disrupted it. Afterwards, the owner of the venue was fined $3000 by Henderson for violating social distancing requirements by packing thousands of his supporters with many or most of them unmasked into this indoor space.

The Washington Post has printed an article stating that an indoor Trump rally is 18-19 times more dangerous than a comparable outdoor event. Also, participants in Black Lives Matter protesters that can operate openly can wear masks and almost all of them do. Thus, BLM protests have not caused any known coronavirus clusters except possibly for some cases in Portland spread by tear gas causing people to cough and forcing them out of their masks. The earlier Tulsa, OK Trump event by comparison left a coronavirus cluster behind in that community.

BLM disrupts the Henderson, NV Trump campaign rally/corona party (still from Marie Douvre video)

Trump's Henderson, NV campaign rally. Indoor, packed, mostly unmasked corona party (still from Marie Douvre video)

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