Video-Sen Lindsey Graham gets 6AM wake-up call over Supreme Court

Video: 6AM wake-up call for Lindsey Graham 2 min 24 sec

On the 21st of September, Senator Lindsey Graham got a 6AM wake-up call and home demo from Sunrise Movement and ShutDownDC. His own words referencing Obama's end-of-term blocked Merrick Garland SCOTUS nomination were played in front of his house. In addition drums, noisemakers, and lights ensured this electoral alarm clock was heard.

In 2018, Lindsey Graham defended the decision by the GOP to prevent a Senate vote in 2016 on Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland to fill a Supreme Court vacancy. He spoke on this subject with a reminder to "use my words against me" if he went back on his word. Now his master Trump has ordered him to go back on his word, and as per his previous suggestion protesters did indeed use his own words against them. They did so by first waking him up, then playing his words back to him in front of his house.

At one point, MPD threatened members of the corporate media with arrest for using their camera lights to get decent footage of the pre-dawn protest. Later, MPD's infamous Lt Bagshaw blustered threats of arrest against the entire protest over a bullhorn, but cops were not positioned in a way that would make a kettle possible, and a low-fenced parking lot probably made a kettle impossible. The most obvious escape route with south, past just three members of the Capitol Police followed by a number of unguarded and empty police cruisers. This was the route protesters eventually marched out over, ending as presumably planned at the US Supreme Court.

For Trump to try to kill Roe vs Wade, GLBTQ rights, and so much more with a lame duck nomination to the Supreme Court while both ends of the political spectrum warn of the risk of escalation all the way to outright civil war is an incredibly dangerous escalation.

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