Protests and civil disobedience greet start of Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings

Video-duelling protests outside the Supreme Court shortly before Noon 2 min 12 sec

Early on the rainy and windswept morning of Oct 12, protesters responded to the start of Trump's Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barret with a blockade of the Dirksen Building. Twenty-one arrests were reported. Duelling protests both for and against the nomination continued at least until Noon if not later.

Many of the participants in the Dirksen blockade wore white Tyvek biohazard suits, symbolic of the Covid hazard inside the Senate itself after Trump's "superspreader" events that infected at least four members of the Senate. By comparsion, some of the MAGA/Fundamentalist Christian protesters demanding confirmation of Barrett did not wear masks. One was yelling "blood of Jesus" slogans, shouting with no mask and potentially spreading death while calling himself "pro-life."

A number of women protesting against Barrett wore "Handmaid's Tale" costumes. This is particularily appropriate when used against Amy Coney Barrett as she formerly held the literal title of "handmaid" in an extreme conservative Christian group called "people of Praise." This group advocates absolute female submission to husbands.

Blockade at the Dirksen building: Photo by Elm

Handmaids for a literal handmaid (Amy Coney Barret's former title in People of Praise)

Anti Trump/Barret protesters some in Tyvek biohazard suits

Barret supporters puts his trust in Jesus, does NOT wear a mask

Women (judges) not interchangeable

Explanation of Amy Coney Barrett's "Handmaid" rank with People of Praise

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