Protesters march on Senate as GOP attempt to call immediate vote on Barret falls flat

Video-Protesters march on Senate w "handmaids" up front 58 sec

On the 14th of October, GOP Senators announced intentions to call an immediate committee vote on Trump's Amy Coney Barret nomination for Supreme Court. Protesters mobilized early AM on Oct 15 to oppose this rushed vote, while the Dems exercised their procedural right to force a one week delay. Protesters then marched around the Dirksen and Hart buildings before linking up with a go-go sound truck.

Later that day, protests culminated in street blockades on Capitol Hill leading to over 20 arrests

Protesters in "Handmaid's Tale" uniforms lead a march protesting Amy Coney Barret, who actually held the title of "handmaid" in "People of Praise."

The march began at the US Supreme Court

"We are the Resistance" a theme going back to the time of J20

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