Hotel Harrington, Harry's Bar CLOSE for Jan 5-6 MAGAt/Proud Boys march

Within 24 hours of a Washington Post story about the Proud Boys hanging out at Harry's Bar and staying at Hotel Harrington, both establishments have stated they will close their doors for Jan 4-6. They have said publicly this is to protect their employees.

In the Post's report, anonymous Brown and Black workers said they felt threatened by the Proud Boys during the dangerous and violent Nov 13-14 and Dec 11-12 events. Hotel Harrington and Harry's Bar have done the right thing by putting the safety of their staff above blood money from hosting violent fascists. Now Twitter and "The Donald" Reddit are filling up with posts from fascists screaming at them over this.

It used to be said that "DC means Don't Come." The Proud Boys can ask the American Renaissance Conference or Richard Spencer's "National Policy Institute"(NPI) why they can't get space in DC. The Proud Boys just got deplatformed-and de-housed. They will try to replace this housing, but random Trump supporters not organized into militias may well have taken most of the other available rooms and AirBnB listings by now. If so, the head of the spear for any Jan 6 coup attempt by Trump may have just been chopped off.

Harry's Bar and Hotel Harrington will CLOSE Jan 5-6 to protect their own staff from dangerous, violent fascists

Hotel Harrington's statement: they are closing and refunding all deposits for Jan 4-6 reservations

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