House of Representatives cancels Thursday (March 4) session over threats from militias

On the 3ed of March, US Capitol Police claimed to have credible intelligence that the 3%'ers (which the FBI mistook for a single militia group) planned to again storm the US Capitol the next day on Thurs, March 4. In the face of the threat, House Democrats moved up a planned vote on the George Floyd Policing Act of 2021 to tonight(March 3) so they could go out of session on March 4 and deny the fascists a target.

Since the defeat of Donald Trump in both the polls (November) and in battle (Nov-Jan), Qanon conspiracy theorists have been pushing the notion that Donald Trump would be returned to the White House on March 4, which was Inauguration Day before motor vehicles etc simplified moving the President-Elect and his staff to the White House from hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

While a casual search of Twitter does NOT show the kind of logistics necessary for a public-facing invasion of DC by thousands of unorganized MAGAts, milita groups are probably capable of organizing in private, and with their Twitter and Facebook accounts shut down are more not less likely to do so. In one way, the threat is more serious than the FBI is claiming, as claims that "the 3%ers militia" plans to attack indicate an assault from one organization. In reality an attack by 3%ers could mean an assault by dozens or even hundreds of individually small militias that use the name. House Dems are taking no chances, following the advice of the karate master in Karate Kid: "Best block no be there."

Part of the defenses of the US Capitol

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