Colombian Ambassador's house tagged in solidarity with protests in Colombia

Wyatt Reed video of the paintwork at the Colombian Ambassador's residence 23 sec

Sometime on May 7, unknown activists redecorated the home of the Colombian Ambassador in Washington DC.

The paintwork was in solidarity with hard-pressed protesters in Colombia, who have been shot at by police seeking to halt the popular mobilization against the US backed regime there. At least 26 protesters have been shot and killed in Colombia, and protesters in DC are making it plain this will NOT be tolerated.

Exactly what does the government of Colombia, the US State Dept, the School of the Americas et all want: a return to all-out civil war in Colombia? Shooting peaceful protesters is how insurgencies are born.

Years ago, in Syria there was an incident where protesters were tortured to death by police. A 13 year old boy's parents showed up at the police station demanding their son be released but he had been murdered by the cops. These pigs told the boy's parents to "go home and make new babies-you can forget about these." The civil war in Syria began that day, and is still going on nearly a decade later. Is THIS what the government of Colombia is trying to achieve?

Biden of all people should understand what's at risk here: the US itself came so close to civil war over the disputed 2020 election, a fight which culminated in the storming of the US Capitol by neo-Nazis and Trumpers. One of the Capitol Police officers who was seriously beaten later said he did not draw his gun and open fire because he feared this would cause the fascists to open fire with their own firearms-and the cops were outnumbered at least 10 to one. He said there was no way they could win a firefight. Later, it was reported a "quick reaction force" of fascists was on standby, with a large cache of weapons in VA. Had the fascists driven the Democrats out of the Capitol or into hiding in a bunker, they could then have held a GOP-only vote to overturn the election of Biden. If even a single state had responded by recognizing Trump as president, the US would have descended within weeks into civil war. Same if police fired on all those Qanon nutjobs and the militias rose in revolt in response.

Thus, Biden should warn the government of Colombia that based on his own experience, he is advising them to stop using deadly force on protesters peaceful or otherwise, and that if they do not the US will cut off all aid to avoid being drawn into someone else's civil war. There are some lines beyond which no government can cross without triggering an armed conflict. Of course, if the government in Colombia insists on war, the Left in Colombia has far more experience than most of the US Left does, and as FARC did before should be able to hold their own. Here in the US, the Left had too little time to prepare if the 2020 election went bad and the extreme right went to guns.

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