Eyes on Amazon protest visits stockholder Blackrock, demands responsible shareholder votes

Video-calling out Amazon at investor Blackrock 2 min 30 sec

On the 24th of May (two days before Amazon's annual general meeting), protesters showed up at major Amazon stockholder Blackrock. They brought with them a list of socially responsible votes on Amazon's corporate policies, and attempted to deliver it to Blackrock. Bike cops refused to let protesters in the building but eventually let them post the demands on the wall, possibly to avoid escalation.

Amazon was called out for sweatshop conditions with no bathroom breaks and workers forbidden to drink water. In particular they were called out for the death of a worker who was ordered to run covid-19 tests for Amazon with no protective gear for herself! She died to save Amazon the cost of buying masks. In addition, Amazon was called out for their long-term collaboration with police and with ICE. Two of the shareholder resolutions concern permanently ending the use of their "rekognition" facial recognition database by police, and denying police access to Ring doorbell camera video. Police use of Rekognition is now subject to a 1 year moratorium that expires in June, having been imposed June 2020 after serious police abuses of it.

MPD protecting their corporate masters from the community

Activists are demanding these votes at Amazon's shareholder's meeting by Blackrock and other Amazon shareholders

Posting the demands on Blackrock's wall

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