Mitch McConnell gets a home demo for his filibuster of bill to limit voter suppression

Video of the scene at Mitch's House 1 min 36 sec

On the 24th of June, protests against the GOP filibuster that has halted the "For the People Act" started with 42 arrests for civil disobedience at the Capitol fence, and ended in a noisy dance party protest at the home of GOP Senator Mitch McConnell. Protesters were demanding the Democrats abolish the filibuster and push through the "For the people" Federal voting rights protections without GOP cooperation.

Many speakers called out the US Capitol Police for sending more cops to defend Mitch McConnell's house from a nonviolent dance party than they did to defend the US Capitol from 20 times as many violent, armed fascists on Jan 6. Not only did one police line defend Mitch's house from the dancing, nonviolent "mob," but a second line of police faced protesters backs. This was of course the first time any large group sought to confront a member of Congress on Capitol Hill (where Mitch McConnell lives) since the humiliating defeat of the Capitol Police at the hands of untrained neo-Nazis in January. Towards the end of the protest, chants of "All Cops Are Bastards" and "If we don't get it shut it down" and other BLM chants rose from the crowd.

With the filibuster already guaranteed to be abolished by the GOP if the Dems use it to block Trump's agenda (or that of another GOP President) in the future, the question now becomes which political party will gain a one electoral cycle advantage by being the one to finish it off: the Democrats or the GOP? Already Trump nominees for Supreme Court were rammed through with zero Democrats voting yes, so for the #1 issue involved the filibuster is already dead. Letting the GOP defend voter suppression laws in red states with the filibuster while preventing the same procedure from being used to keep anti-choice judges off the Supreme Court is the height of strategic folly.

The voting rights bill is of major, major strategic importance. DONALD TRUMP may well return to the White House if the growing number of GOP bills to interfere with voting by Black and Brown people are allowed to stand. More difficult voter ID laws, limited hours, and limits on absentee ballots have all been proven to reduce turnout among less well off and less white populations than on well-heeled white voters. With a Washington Post survey in 2017 finding 75% of white male voters registered GOP and 1.3 agreeing with at least one of a list of white nationalist statements, the way back to the White House for Trump or a chosen successor is clear: voter suppression. The Democrats have a choice: vote now to end the filibuster and halt voter suppression, or never have to vote again along with all their constituants. Trump will see to that, given a chance.

The GOP has become so cruel, so racist, and so deeply corrupt that the previous day, this came out on Twitter "Spoiler: The "mysterious" buses that drove 100s of W. Virginians & Kentuckians to the #MoralMarch in DC, cancelled the return trip when they learned seat holders were w/the #PoorPeoplesCampaign Pass it on."

This may have blown back, as a large "freedom riders" contingent showed up at the last minute for the June 24 Mitch McConnell home demo. This turned what looked like a small action into a massive protest that filled the entire street in front of Mitch's house. All of this is mushrooming up for one reason: Trump is NOT gone, and the GOP's filibuster of the For the People act is an attempt to pave the way for his return.

Protesters fill the street in front of Mitch McConnell's house demanding voting rights and an end to the filibuster

Another view of the massive crowd protesting and dancing at Mitch McConnell's house

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