Police force removal of White House antinuclear vigil tent under threat of arrest

On the 13th of March, US Park Police demanded during the day that the antinuclear vigil in front of the White House remove their property. When told the signs are protected under the First Amendment, they said the tent had to go. They claimed they would be back at 9PM to remove the tent but did not show up as of midnight March 13-14. They were back twice the following day and forced removal of the tent-and all chairs, etc-under threat of arrest in 15 minutes

Video 10PM March 14: Cops remove plywood, force removal of tent, chairs (liveleak)

Update 3-14 noon: Park Police threaten to return at 3PM
Update 3-14 3PM: Park Police show up, bring horses, but only take pictures

Video of earlier 3PM police visit (Liveleak)

Update 3-14 10PM: Park Police return in force, demand removal of tent and "furniture" under threat of arrest in 15 minutes. Tent down, signs remain in place, vigilers exposed to coming rain and snow.

Update 3-19: Vigil still in place, tarp replaces tent stolen by US Park Police