Update: Direct action made it difficult for Patriot Front to escape DC after their last march

Just over a month ago, Patriot Front's (PF)march on DC has heckled all the way back to their Arlington Cemetary pickup point. Instead of the expected three U-haul trucks they expected to ride out in, there was only one. The other two were out of action. PF claims they were destroyed by an opposing anti-Fascist strike team. Note that Patriot Front intends to return to DC on Jan 21 for the forced-birth march

On the 8th of January, Patriot Front participated in Chicago's forced-birth "march for life" to a mix of heckling from some other participants and thumbs-up from others. They were picked up afterwards by a caravan of cars with license plates unlawfully taped over. Note that carrying passengers in the backs of box trucks is also a traffic violation and has led to deaths in vehicle crashes in the past.

This tire looks like Patriot Front tried to drive on it after it was flattened

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