Protesters block street, run projection as Manchin and Sinema torpedo voting rights bill

Video-projection of "Senator Sinema is holding America hostage" 5 seconds

On the 19th of January, protesters gathered a few blocks back from the US Capitol as the Senate attempted to vote on the voting rights bill only to be blocked by a GOP filibuster. The treason of Sens Manchin and Sinema prevented any modification of filibuster rules, so the GOP now owns the election machinery in enough states to all but guarantee a Trump 2024 "win."

Some of the protesters ran a projector while others lined up blocking the street with a lighted sign reading "Democracy," the US Capitol in the background. In the aftermath of 2017-2020, international observers no longer classify the US as a democracy but rather as a partial democracy due to the brazen election interference and violence from Trump's supporters. Restoring the previous nominal democracy may now be impossible, thanks to Manchin and Sinema.

Manchin and Sinema have literally cast two critical votes for Trump in 2024 as the 2022 election season just starts to get underway. Their two votes could end up being the only votes that count, as all of the GOP voter suppression laws that have swept the US since Jan 6 will now stand. The Supreme Court will do nothing about this, the GOP owns SCOTUS as well.

Some have speculated that either the Democratic Party or their corporate overlords fear trying to maintain control as the climate goes to Hell, and have chosen to let open fascists win. Thaay may well figure troops and tanks are what it will take to stop the coming food riots as cities flood, crops fail, and grocery stores fill up with empty shelves.

Shutdown DC photo of the projection protest

Light Brigade sets up on what appears to be Penn Ave (Photo by Callie Lowenstein)

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