Presumed Nazis scrawl swastikas all over Union Station

On the 28th of January, crude hand-drawn swastikas were found scraweled over nearly every column at an entrance to Union Station. No word on suspects or arrests, people are wondering if security cameras even got video of this hate crime and its perpetrators.

This indicates that the storm of racist violence we saw on Nov 14 2020, Dec 12 2020, and Jan 6 2021 isn't over. Also this comes just days after first Patriot Front and then the Proud Boys were in DC. Patriot Front was at the antichoice march on Jan 21,2022. Two days later the Proud Boys were at the "stop the mandates" rally. That rally was called "pro-death" by the Washington Post after violent anti-vaccine speeches, some calling for the execution of scientists working on vaccines. The media too were threatened from the stage with "Nuremburg trials" and executions.

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