Suspected MD/VA "Convoy" leader gets signs posted at his house

Late night on the 16th of Feb, it was announced on Twitter that not only had the leader of MD/VA "trucker" convoy organizing been found, but that local antifascists had dropped by his house and left signs identifying him as a Proud Boy.

This while shutting down "convoy" Facebook accounts for posting Qanon garbage seems to have thrown their organizing into disarray. Plans to protest at the Super Bowl fizzled, with luck this will be a no-show but if Ottawa does get repeated in DC things could get very nasty. In Ottawa Confederate flags and swastikas have been seen, and residents harassed for wearing masks. No doubt the Proud Boys would descend on DC, especially given the role of US fascists in supporting the Canadian convoys and role of a Proud Boy in local organizing. In short, this could be a lot like November 14 and December 12 but lasting for days. The terrorism of Proud Boys beating random passers-by and stabbing both counterprotesters and cops could go on night after night. This could be the most dangerous threat to DC since Jan 6, 2021.

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