Convoy FAIL! First "trucker" convoy to arrive in DC area is 3 vehicles

Video: interviews with participants. One claims his truck has been trashed and burned, none would answer whether "my body my choice" includes abortion 2 min 56 sec

Late afternoon on Feb 23, three vehicles of Bob Bolus's convoy to "Washington" (actually the Beltway) arrived in the DC area. There had been 8 earlier but two flat tires delayed their departure and traffic obstructed the convoy instead of the other way around. They had the usual anti-vax and pro-Trump flags and signs. The three vehicles that made it to the last I-95 rest stop before DC were one semi, one pickup truck, and one SUV-that's IT.

All around the, working truck drivers at the rest stop where the interview was taken went about their way, seemingly paying no heed to this convoy that claims to represent them but contained a truck company OWNER, a far-right activist in a pickup truck w flags, and another in an SUV.

The owner of the "America's flag truck" disclaimed all connections to the violent Proud Boys assaults on DC in the recent past, and claimed to be nonviolent. His truck's flags include the rattlesnake, the Thin Blue Line(Blue Lives Matter), Trump, and other flags associated with the violent far right. Not suprisingly given this display, he complained that his truck had been repeatedly vandalized and even set on fire. Whoever did the repairs must be skillful, as no fire damage or dents were visible on Feb 23. Nobody associated with this convoy would address whether their "my body my choice" slogan applied to abortion as well as to vaccination.

On the same day, another convoy of perhaps 1,000 vehicles was reported gathering in California, but the drive from CA to DC with $4 a gallon fuel is brutally expensive as well as a very long and stressful drive. No doubt many vehicles will drop out of that convoy, and corporate news reported it was "losing steam."

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