"Trucker" rally for State of the Union draws zero turnout

At attempt to organize a "trucker" convoy rally at the Washington Monument on March 1 failed with the organizeer whining "where are the trucks?" on Twitter. This was supposed to cooincide with Biden's State of the Union address. For far-right organizers to enter DC would be to subject themselves to scrutiny by the US Marshalls and FBI which are still hunting J6 fugitives and unindicted co-conspirators, so they may have been scared away.

Note that the 3 vehicle "convoy" last week did not enter DC, and the over 1,000 truck convoy from California due here on March 5 also plans to stay out of DC and target only the Capitol Beltway. The Beltway however is so traffic-prone that it is more likely to stop their convoy than be stopped by it.

Only media at the stage: no-show for the "trucker" convoy against the State of the Union address (still from Ford Fischer video)

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