Property of unhoused residents of 18th and Columbia Road plaza stolen by security guards

This is a bit delayed, but reports have reached Indymedia that on Feb 26th,. Truist Bank's security guards stole posessions of unhoused residents on the plaza at 18th and Columbia Road. Unhoused residents have been driven from the plaza by harassment but activists still hold it. Truist Bank is attempting to fence off, then demolish the plaza for condo construction but has been hung up in court for decades.

As of March 3, Truist Bank is either still holding or has destroyed thousands of dollars worth of property stolen from unhoused Plaza residents. This is both felony theft and armed robbery(since armed security guards carried out the theft) by as opposed to of Truist Bank.

The report below was included in an emergency letter to DC Councilmember Brianne Nadeau on the situation:

On the morning of Saturday, February 26, 2022, Truist-hired security guards harassed and stole belongings of the last remaining longterm Plaza residents. We have confirmed they were kicked off the Plaza and their tents, sleeping gear, computer gear, phones, and other valuable belongings were absconded into the bank building. Truist representatives have yet to return these items.

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