"Truckers" convoy enters DC

On the 15th, 16th and 17th of March, the so-called "People's Convoy" overcame police defenses aimed at keeping them out of DC after failed attempts the previous day. On the 16th they streamed through NY Ave and there were numerous incidents of DC residents (especially femmes) being harassed. On the 17th they entered the city in small, scattered groups that were actually hard to find.

Most of the harassment reportedly came from drivers of 4 wheeled vehicles, not actual commercial trucks. An especially ugly incident was this one reported over Twitter:


"Late to an important doctor’s appointment because of a trucker convoy protest in NE DC. Driver said he would only let me by if I swore to him that my appointment wasn’t for an abortion."

There is also a more hopeful note: while the "truckers" were out, some antifa activists managed to raid their supply stash back at Hagerstown Speedway, "raccooning" their stash and redistributing supplies to the needy. https://twitter.com/taliaotg/status/1504501159624646661

Some of the supplies liberated by a reported antifa "raccooning" raid on the convoy's supply dump at Hagerstown Speedway

Still from CNN reporter Mike Valero's Twitter video of the convoy near Union Station

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