Convoy livestreamer's car "tagged" for the 4th time

Video based on 12 second clip released by an anonymous source 12 sec

On the 27th of March, this communique appeared on Twitter:

"We received some anonymous pictures and videos of Henry aka BrantForLiberty’s car in Hagerstown. Oof looks rough Henry, but you did tell antifa to up their game."

This is the 4th time he's had problems w antifa and root beer, this time with folks "upping their game" to add eggs to the mix. He's been hit twice in DC, once at a MD restaurant, and now at his motel in Hagerstown itself. By not staying in camp at the speedway, he makes himself vulnerable and anti-fascist forces have shown they can project power all the way back to Hagerstown.

Henry, you told antifa to up their game, and they just did, as you never imagined.When you tell someone to bring it on, that's exactly what happens!

anonymous photo

anonymous photo

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